Keith McNally | Chef

Chef Dan Silverman grew up in South Orange, New Jersey where he had his first excellent meals, all from his mother’s kitchen. He graduated from Vassar College with a degree in English Literature and, after spending two years in publishing, opted to pursue his passion for fine cooking by attending the French Culinary Institute. As with cooking and life in general, timing is everything: he graduated from FCI just as David Bouley was opening his eponymous restaurant, and there began Silverman’s real-life training.

Working under Bouley for six years, Silverman learned profound discipline from his mentor as well as the techniques required to make exquisite layers of complex, rich flavors seem simple and effortless. It was that grounding that allowed his own talent to grow and evolve over the years, from the first kitchen he ran at Alison on Dominick Street — for which he received both Food & Wine magazine’s “Best New Chefs” and Gourmet magazine’s “Top Tables” recognitions — to Danny Meyer’s Union Square Café, Lever House Restaurant — which received Michelin Stars under his watch — and the highly successful and well-received The Standard Grill, which he ran for 5 years. He joined Minetta Tavern in mid April 2016 as Executive Chef.